Welcome to Echo's journal, the little figment of my imagination that has stuck with and taken me on dark and mysterious journeys.

I started this blog because I wanted to improve my use of pens when drawing as my experience with them is more lacking than I'd like.

Echo is drawn on light cardboard that has been stained with coffee and cut to an A5 size (although occasionally I'll draw on a full A4).
I use fine liners ranging from 0.05 mm to 0.8 mm and a 2H and HB pencil to make sketches and fill up certain bits and bobs.

Perhaps I couldn't ever hope to attain the awesomeness of the people that I admire and who continuously give me inspiration to delve deeper into the realms of my imagination.
But, I'm happy to have my own little ways of creating art and being able to call it my own.

For that reason I don't use Photoshop or other programs to alter my drawings to make them picture perfect.
My drawings aren't perfect and I don't want to show something that's not mine, flawed as it may be.

Through Echo and her stories I hope to share that strange world in between dreaming and being awake where most of the monsters are born and live, trying to drag you in with them.

And of course, a little about me :)

- I'm 22
- I'm Dutch, though I live in the UK, with my husband and little potato of cat called Odi (short for Odysseus)
- I love prehistoric and freaky animals
- If you offer me food you'll be my friend forever

If you want to get in contact, either leave a message through the comments or email at

Ever wandering,

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