Death Books & Tea - Month Before Halloween Event

After reading this nifty little post from Horror Shock Lolipop I got very excited.

Over at Death, Books and Tea, the lovely girls that run it are having a month long event running up to Halloween for all book lovers.

There will be reviews, interviews, giveaways and more...

"What I'm proposing is a month long event full of...stuff. Guest reviews, posts, interviews with people (bloggers, authors and publishers) on what, if any, scary books they like. A month full of this stuff here.  As long as it's scary to some degree, it's welcome.
Oh, and then a giveaway. Lots of them.  On all your blogs. For the last week on October, everyone who's taken part (and wants to) will host a giveaway for anything of your choice-obviously related to spooky books."

Of course, Echo can't miss this opportunity to wander about in search of spooky things...

As my contribution to the event, I will be posting drawings of Echo with references to children's horror books, with a small summary of the plot and image.
These will be mainly Dutch books as I am myself, and I used to devour these every week whenever my mum would take me and my sister to the library.
I don't think I ever touched any of the 'normal' books.

So hopefully I'll enlighten you into the sometimes underrated and unknown world that is Dutch kiddie horror.

As with many things, events are always more fun with more people, so if you feel this is your cup of tea (British reference, har-die harhar) please sign up through here by 1st September.

I'm not sure how many drawings I'll post but I've got some ideas lined up already...

Ever wandering,

P.S If someone could please explain to me where I can change my picture (that now shows up as a lovely triangle complete with "!") that would be very, very, VERY much appreciated.
I've searched high and low and I've still not found it.
I have a feeling it will probably be a head -> desk moment for me, but please help a girl out here :)


Gabriel said...

On blogger, click on more option and go to layout. On the layout you'll find a box that has your blog's title and the word (Header). Click on edit and in there you may remove the picture or put a new one and it should solve the problem. hope it works.

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you very much, that's it :)
And as I suspected, it's a head->desk moment for me (it usually is)...