What's in a Heart?

How dreary are the ticks of this heart.
How excruciatingly dreadful.
Then again, she should know.
It was like looking at her own heart.
The one that was taken from her chest all those years ago.
How horrid it had been; the thought alone of having it in there made her sick and it had done so for as long as she could remember.
One like her has no need for such things.
Luckily her husband remedied her 'condition' as soon as he had appointed her as his spouse.
She supposed it was one of the perks of being queen.
And queens don't need a heart.
Not where they rule...
Now, what to do with this one?
It was rather intricate and twisted in its own way, with delicate cogs and strange rhythms.
Perhaps she should ask the king to have a look at it and work his wicked ways....


Gabriel said...

The title of this post is a very interesting question, not only when we think of Echo, but also of ourselves. The queen's really wicked. Hope we get to meet the king, as well.

Laury Coenen said...

The heart has always been a tricky thing...
I suppose Kingdom Hearts got me thinking of it, that it isn't always either black or white.

The King is actually already posted in Heart of the Clocks :)

Gabriel said...

Tricky indeed.

Ah yes, found the King. I'm still trying to set my bearings in this world where Echo wanders.