Halloween Event; The give away goodies

'Een hart van suiker' is my absolute favourite childhood book. I've read it so many times and it never gets boring.
The story was original and has been an inspiration for plenty of projects.
The summary is gonna be pretty long, I couldn't resist sharing this story and didn't dare to leave out some bits.

It was also the inspiration for the give away, with the candy store being one of the main locations in the book.
The tale is set when television was a relatively new thing and some of the candy described is old fashioned.
Hence why I decided to put together a goodie bag with (old fashioned) Dutch sweets.
You can sign up until the 30th October, over here.

I've been busy collecting childhood favourites and other candies that are mentioned in the book.

The winner will receive the following:

- Spekjes; Dutch marshmallows with cream vanilla flavour (in other words just vanilla, the diamond shapes)

- Haagse Hopjes; Coffee caramels

- Wijnballetjes; Small raspberry flavoured gobstoppers filled with sweet powder

- Kaneelkussentjes; Cinnamon pillows

- Zuurstokjes; cherry flavoured stick of rock, the soft kind

- Zwartwitjes; Black whities, kind of liquorice

- Oud Hollandse mix; Old Dutch candy mix, includes butter waffles, raspberries, liquorice/cinnamon/peppermint pillows and sour bombs

I have to note that wijnballen are usually large gobstoppers the size of a tangerine without any filling.
They're commonly sold at fairs but there wasn't one when I went back home, so I got the smaller versions.
They taste a tad different and are not as deeply coloured but are very tasty nonetheless.

If you're ever in the Netherlands, get the big ones. I fondly remember competing with my sister to get the entire thing in my mouth (it never worked FYI).
Also, you might not want to tell the candy store lady that sorry, you really needed the big balls. 

So, if you haven't already join the sign up :)
Pictures of all the goodies as they will be sent are to follow later on.

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