De Zwarte Weduwe - The Black Widow

In a faraway forest, Jungske (Boy) lives in a lodge together with the landlord, Bullebak (Bully), and his wife Kalkoen (Turkey).

One day a stranger arrives and requests Jungske's assistance with hunting.
The hunter is so pleased with his help that he handsomely rewards him and promises to come back with 10 others, leaving Kalkoen pleased as pie.

The company arrives the next week and the hunting goes splendid.
The hunters are all invited to a mysterious castle.
However, Bullebak discourages them from going as no one has ever returned from there.
The hunters go anyway and are picked up by the lady of the castle, a widow clad in black.
Jungske comes along in the carriage that takes them, but jumps out before they arrive.
He sees the widow turn herself into a spider from far off and escapes.
The men do not return.

The next day the hunter's wives arrive, looking for their husbands.
When they learn they have been captured they decide to attack the castle.
They don't succeed in bringing down the gate as one needs to be a spider to open it.
Luck has it that Bullebak is in the possession of leaves that turn a person into a spider.
Jungske takes a leaf and transforms.
He successfully opens the gate and leads everyone into the castle.
After many chases and battles the Black Widow is killed and the spell on the men is broken.


Gabriel said...

I tend to like spiders, even if they're tarantula size, but when they're human size or bigger, well, that's a whole different story.
The way you drew the eyes and the hairy legs made the Black Widow really creepy. Nice one!

Laury Coenen said...

Spiders are interesting to draw and to look at.
They're like little (or big) hair hands with eyes.

Octapolis said...

good pic. i like how you illustrate the black widow theme! ;o)

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you :)
Aaaaand I've just realized I didn't post a picture of the original cover, consider it fixed ^_^"

Gabriel said...

In my opinion that's probably the creepiest original cover of the bunch. Still, it's not as creepy as those legs you drew.