Gruwelgeintjes - Horror Jokes

When Meral goes out to find at least one male who will like her new witch cd, things go a bit awry.
Even though she's not supposed to (as her teacher, mister Rudolf, always says), she takes off on her broom and is caught on camera by a young boy.
In an attempt to take his camera from him, she turns him and his nasty dog into frogs.
But when she turns around to leave, a chorus of croaks greets her.
She has turned the entire neighbourhood into frogs and everyone will remember after turning back into a human...

She turns to Crom, a classmate and leprechaun to boot.
Together they summon Loki, god of jokes and trickery, to help Meral sort out her problem.
But Meral doesn't pay attention when it comes to bargaining about the price; she promises to have some fun with Loki.
Loki then inserts himself into everyone's lives; the entire class plus teacher believe he's been with them for years and that he's Meral's boyfriend!
Being the god of trickery, he plays dangerous pranks on everyone, from giant rabbits with tusks that explode into whipped cream to releasing gremlins on the class.
When Loki eventually reveals himself, he decides to play a game.

Mister Rudolf is abducted and his students have to work their way through a dungeon to save him and their school from being blown up.
With shady equipment, the kids force their way up by deflating a giant dragon, scaring off millions of ants with an anteater mask (after having been forced to wad through old honey), crossing a bridge half made of rusk with the help of a mouse and solving the enormous math problem on the final door by just pushing it open.
Only to find that the 'dynamite' Lok had prepared were just painted toilet rolls.

Rudolf decides it's time to ask from some special help; he loads a cd of the Necronomicon into the computer.
Cthulhu seems to be little pleased to hear Loki's running rampant and suggests they try to play some pranks themselves.

They defeat Loki by turning his practical jokes against him; when he declares he's had enough and that their pranks aren't funny anymore, the god of jokes shrinks away, leaving nothing but a plastic turd.

Tais Teng


Octapolis said...

quak! ;o)

Gabriel said...

I never understood the eeriness of frogs and toads until i saw a toad eat a mouse. Lol it was horrible. You've captured that very well.

Laury Coenen said...

Are you talking about a bullfrog? Those things are beasts, they'll eat anything.

They all have a certain eeriness but I have to say I always enjoy spotting hiding poison dart frogs in the zoo with my husband :)

Gabriel said...

That's right. It was a bullfrog. I'd never seen one eating something before. It was really gross.

Laury Coenen said...

They've been found with snakes, small turtles, birds, other bullfrogs and more in their stomachs.
They're machines that will eat whatever fits down their throat.

The one in the back is actually based on an Australian green tree frog, I love how squidgy they are.