The Rise of Vox the Outcast I: The journey begins

She walked the lands.

Years ago, she had left the cruelty called 'home', leaving her father and mother with a present of the “love” that had accumulated over the course of her childhood.

So, through the lands she walked, taking in account all there was to know and all there was to gain, once she was ready to indulge in the greatness that was inevitable in her future.
She had known that as a child and by Alkorm, she knew it now as a young woman.
She had seen enough.
She knew every nook and cranny and the few secrets the world still held for her would reveal themselves readily, once she had finished with her preparations...

Her journey would now take her to the High Marhslands, where the Salkoriam Priestess dwelled.

She needed to learn....


Gabriel said...

Great view! Very fitting for the beginning of a journey.
Are those 'hand trees'? lol awesome

Laury Coenen said...

Haha, indeed they are :P
There are other little things drawn here and there, although they might be a bit to small now I think of it.
That tower in the back should look familiar too...