The Reign of Vox the Outcast I

Her soul was a cage, a ravenous storm of darkness locked inside it.
She had conquered the beings of the twilight.
They were inside her, feeding her powers and fuelling her need for more.
With their strength she had brought down the mightiest of beast these lands had to offer.
All bowed to her will, all trembled at the whisper of her name.
It was as it should be, the way she had foreseen it as a child.
But it wouldn't end here, there were greater things still to be achieved.
She had taken to collecting the souls of the wandering dead, those that hadn't been snatched away by those lowly demons.
Soon, she would be strong enough to steal them away from their laughable claws.
She'd surpass them, yes, even Alkorm and Those Who Reside In The Stars.
It was strange to think she had ever prayed to those beings, for now she would surely be greater than them.
SHE would decide who lived and died, SHE would reap each and every soul and SHE alone would rule over each and every pathetic being in the world.

SHE was the Twilight Queen.

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David said...

Uh oh, this is sounding good. I was wondering how Vox came about. She looks good in color too, an icy twilight queen.

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you very much :)
There's still more to Vox than there might seem, but patience will be rewarded!