The Reign of Vox the Outcast II

How exquisite it was to be feared.
As she sat amongst her trophies and treasures, Vox delighted in her powers.
She had found herself taking souls away straight from the hands of other beings who desired to use them.
Yes, now she could even summon them directly. The spirits of the dead flowed steadily into her control.
The pact she had made with the twilight beings had allowed her to reach her full potential.
She had even had to take out her heart on several occasions in order to subject more creatures of the twilight to her will.
Unfortunately she still needed them to contain all of the souls.
Alas, they stood no chance to her, and it could not be helped.
It certainly didn't sour the sweet taste of power.

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Gabriel said...

You really captured Vox's evilness in this one. That mad facial expression sends shivers. Really love her collection of trophies and treasures. All the poor souls.

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you!
I love drawing her crazy smile and all the bits and bobs.