Amolgarm in colore

Amolgarm of Judgement and Time

And so we start to introduce Those Who Reside In The Stars.
I have bigger plans for them but you'll just have to be patient ;)

And to update on the 'handy' situation; it is very slowly getting better but drawing is still stuck at a snail's pace.
I'll keep posting as I typically finish several drawings/paintings in advance but there might be a gap if my hand doesn't get better soon.

Ever wandering,


Octapolis said...

we are patient... ;o)

David said...

Wow, your hand injury has lasted a long time! I hope that it will be ok soon.

I want to hear more about those who reside in the stars as well!

Laury Coenen said...

Yep, it did.
Luckily it's all gone now and I can get back to business as usual :)

You'll hear more about Those Who Reside In The Stars soon ;)

David said...

I'm glad to here your hand is better. :) I play the piano and I have always feared hand injuries. Getting a finger chopped off for instants would be the worse nightmare ever!

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you :)
I feel you on the injuries, I used to play keyboard and guitar.
Normally I'd say getting a finger chopped off would be very rare, but we know the news tells us otherwise ;)