The Exile of Vox the Outcast I: Demons Council

 Trouble stirred the Netherworld. 
A young necromancer had risen to power.
She had taken to stealing their precious souls.

But, though it aggravated many of those who called the Netherworld home, emperor Banharut hadn't so much as batted an eyelid.
He had tasked the lords with dealing with this minor inconvenience.
Or so it was to him, as even the lords were troubled by Vox' activities.
Her ruthless methods had the lower ranks cowering, already weakened by the lack of new souls.

The lords called together their generals and every other rank there was to be found beneath them.
The generals weren't too worried as they had their minions to carry out all the dirty work for them.
And so they decided it was the minions that would have to take care of this 'problem'.

Somehow, the minions were less pleased...

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Octapolis said...

At the moment I am listening to the new Ghost album "Infestissumam" (for the 10th time...). The perfect soundtrack to these evil creatures! Huaaar! ;o)

Laury Coenen said...

Hey, thanks for that!
I've been having trouble finding new music that I like, these guys sound pretty good :)
I see what you mean about them fitting the demons!

Gabriel said...

It sounds like war is coming... Excellent! The council looks real evil.

Laury Coenen said...

It is indeed and I've now finished all the drawings for this story :)