The Exile of Vox the Outcast II: Conspiracies

They were no match for Vox; she had blown apart their attacks like dust in the wind with the help of the twilight beings.
Their wails and moans filled his palace, their echoing pleas chasing through its corridors.

Oh my, oh my.

The Netherworld dwellers generally knew better than to trouble him with their worries.
As if he cared for their silly plans, their silly defeats.
Silly sullen sods.
The shameful girl needed taking care of, so much was obvious.

There would be a good amount of souls to be stolen from the selfish little witch...
So... enticing.
Surely, it was... Interesting.
Such an interesting soul.
Such an interesting addition to his collection...

Sure enough, for this one time he would help out his brethren.
Or so it would seem...

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