The Exile of Vox the Outcast V: Aftermath

And so he had expelled the necromancer's soul by taking out her heart.
He had locked her in the realm of mirrors, where no soul ever wandered.
She had made a pact with the twilight beings and thus had made it impossible for her essence, her body, to be destroyed.
Even without her black and barbed soul and heart it remained in the world, though she could no longer call it hers.
The nails that were driven into it by the twilight beings had been replaced by his own, so it could no longer serve its former master.

Special care should be taken to keep the body separate from the soul; although Vox was defeated she might still work her voodoo on some dim witted individual, persuading them to break her from her prison and reunite them.
He would never allow her to reclaim her former might.

No... That should never happen...


The body seemed to be sentient.
... He would place the shade of a soul in it.
The Will-o-the-Wisps would have to keep an eye on her.
It would be better to put some spells in place and erase any memories of its former life, for now.
Just until the name Vox no longer instilled any recognition in the world.
Ah yes, he'd give it an amulet to keep it safe from Vox's influence.
The heart would be bound close to the body.
A dragonfly would look after that...

Yes, yes, yes, much work to do now....

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David said...

It sounds like Vox's goose is cooked. :(

Laury Coenen said...

She might still have a chicken on the side...

David said...


Gabriel said...

"ding! dong! the witch is dead..." or is she?
Great conclusion to the saga of Vox. Hope to see more of her in the future.

Laury Coenen said...

Oh, she'll be back, we haven't fully finished the story yet ;)
Glad to see you're back as well!
Hope you've been doing alright, I've missed your posts :)