The Rise of Echo IV: The Watch

They summoned the girl up to Their Court.

Amolgarm of Judgement and Time, residing on the left.
Alvarius of Death and Ending, residing on the right.
Alkorm of the Beginning and Creation in the middle.

As it always had been.

They had remained quiet during the ordeal.
They would remain quiet now.
But not before examining this peculiar being, this unusual creation, by a demon no less.
He had remarkable skills.
To place a broken down soul in that necromancer's body...

Alas, that former being had been locked away by that same demon.
The flow of souls to both Kingdoms had been restored.
Their brother would be pleased.
Oh, how he had hated for all those souls to slip from his chains.

The balance always restored itself.

There was no reason to interfere in the matters of the world, just like there never had been.
They would watch and they would rule.

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