The Rise of Echo V: Revelations

The girl reappeared on the rocks before him, where she had lain until the lights from above had taken her.

And so the Harbringer brought her to, as he had taken pity on the creature, folded up with the strange attribute held closely in her arms.
He knew all too well where she had come from and what she was.
Perhaps he shouldn't...

But then again, Harbringers choose their beneficiaries without foretought or discrimination and the little girl would be no exception.
His instincts told him what her story was and what would come to be.
Although his kind often revealed a variety of things to the painfully unknowing souls of this world, it was crucial they never reveal too much...
Each soul has to follow the path laid out for them, laid out by Those Who Reside In The Stars.
This path is never fully set and often strayed from in small ways, yet information such as the Harbringers hold would prove too devastating. 
Not to mention the punishment that would follow...
Now, to show the girl just enough to ensure her survival without revealing her past...

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This will be the last part of Echo's Saga (and Vox's 'demise') for now.
Work and college are sucking up all of my time at the minute and I have little time for drawings, though I will try to post at least once a week!


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They're very good at hairdressing actually ;)