Jack & Jill, Halloween season kick-off and Give Away

And so our yearly themed series begins!

For those of you wanting to enter the give away,comments will automatically enter you into the prize draw.
These comments will have to be made on this year's posts labelled with 'events' or 'giveaway', Facebook comments will also be counted.
"Facebook?", I hear you say?
Yes indeed, Echo now has her own Facebook page over at https://www.facebook.com/echoswanderings
And just for the record, this give away is open to residents of all countries, though I cannot be held accountable if your package goes missing in the post.

If you want to be creative, tell us what your favourite nursery rhyme or fairy tale is!

As for the prize, I will be revealing the content post by post, though I won't quite tell you what it is...

This is your first item:


David said...

My mouth is watering already, I think I have a good chance, which is bad in a way. Your stuff deserves thousands of views.

I didn't know you had a FaceBook! I'm over there with my fins wagging. :)

P.S. I wonder how that big boulder got down there?

Laury Coenen said...

Haha, no matter!
I shall wag my fins/tentacles/flippers over on Facebook :3

I'm not sure how that boulder got there, Echo told me the birds had something to do with it.
Not entirely sure I believe her...

David said...

Well, Echo said. I love those little birds even though they are murderers now.

Laury Coenen said...

They're claiming they wouldn't hurt a fly...