New themed series and upcoming giveaway

Hello my dear wanderers,

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be doing a fairy tale/nursery rhyme themed series in a week or so!
Work and college are eating up my time, so I'm reduced to only 1 post a week without having to rush.

I realize that I've let Echo's Wanderings' 1st birthday go by without any celebration and unfortunately that will have to stay like that for a little while.
Instead, I'll be doing a giveaway on Halloween, which is part of the themed series.
I'm putting together a little packet for the winner, details will follow soon.

Seeing as I've done a themed series before, I've decided to make it a yearly pre-Halloween tradition that starts with a theme and ends with a giveaway.

As before, comments will automatically enter you into the prize draw.
These comments will have to be made on this year's posts labelled with 'events' or 'giveaway' (yes, this post is included).

If you want to be creative, tell us what your favourite nursery rhyme or fairy tale is!

So tell yo kids, tell yo wife, cuz Echo's gonna find you ;)

Ever Wandering,


David said...

Well maybe I'll win this time around! *crosses fingers*

As far as a favorite tale, the troll under the bridge one was on my mind recently, probably that one, or the headless horseman. :)

Laury Coenen said...

You'll be seeing them drop by ;)
I love my copy of Sleepy Hollow by Gris Grimby, his work is fantastic.