sTroll through the woods.

Thank you, dear customer, for choosing to let with Trolls United Housing.

Before we process your application you must be aware of our policy with regards to our units.

  • You may have to sacrifice some modern day comforts if you insist on our fabulous traditional homes. They are all registered landmarks and as such may not be altered or destroyed.
  • Please note you may also have to complete a yoga test before your application on a traditional home is considered.
  • Also, for these top locations strict dietary rules apply, especially in high traffic areas.
  • You will be charged for any damage done to your home as a result of obesity or any rescues carried out to free you from your home.
  • Please be aware of ongoing scams. Do not engage any persons identifying as "billy goats" and stay in the safety of your home.
Should you fail to adhere to this policy you will be open to prosecution by means of pitch fork and torch, with death as a possible result.
In this case Trolls United Housing will lay a reclaim on the house and any personal belongings to pay for any damage and court fees.

Another part of the prize for the giveaway will be a drawing on the blog of your choice, printed and framed :)


Octapolis said...

wtf? this looks like a row of teeth (correct in english?). i hope no one will be eaten... ;o)

David said...

I hope I get it! I would proudly hang it under my toothy bridge!!!

Laury Coenen said...

Thanks guys :)
I hope you're sticking to the Troll housing rules...

David said...

Now I'm craving some Troll House cookies!


Laury Coenen said...

If only they did make those :P