Tags, Characters and Quality

Just a little update :)
From now on posts with recurring characters will have tags.
I've decided not to do tags for each and every single post as I hate having tons of different labels.

I currently only have the Shadow Man and Necromian Birds (Will of the Wisps, Light on the Shadows and Song Birds respectively) lined up to be regulars, mainly because I've only just started with my blog.

I'm also planning to write a little story for each character with regards of where they came from, what they are, do and other lovely details to make them a bit more interesting.
Perhaps if I feel very creative I might also do this for older posts with one-of characters (these will be updated rather than have new posts).

I don't edit my images in any way, for several reasons:.; I'm rubbish at it and have never used any proper programs for editing, and one of the reasons I started this blog is to teach myself how to draw with pens.
Seeing the imperfections helps me learn and gets me thinking on how I could do a certain texture or shadow better next time.

However, I've noticed that sometimes my images become a bit blurry once uploaded to Blogger, in particular when an image is re-sized to fit on the homepage.
I'm not sure what the deal is with that but if anyone has any tips I'd gladly hear them!

Ever Wandering,

P.S New post coming soon...

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