What the Mirror reflects

And so little Echo walked into the open Palace doors.
How dark it was inside, how absolutely and heavenly dark.
She could barely see three steps in front of her. Of course, the doors shut as soon as she had turned around.
Ah well, nothing for it.
Slowly she made her way through the long corridors, meeting no one in the perfectly silent darkness.
As she walked through yet another hallway she felt something brush against her skin.
My, my, what was this, company after all?
She started walking again, very, very slowly.
There it was again. It was a cold sensation that sent chills through her spine.
She looked around, trying to penetrate the shadows.
Suddenly, a dim light started to shine at her side.
"So he's here again," she thought.
As she walked on more dim lights shone up around her.
They formed a circle and now she could clearly see the little Will-o-the-Wisps as they danced around the room.
She heard them whisper.
Then, they lined up and floated out through a door.
Naturally, she followed.
Up a long spiraling staircase they went.
The higher they went, the lighter the darkness became.
At last they came to a great door, encased with glittering black lights.
They swirled before her eyes and lifted up from the marble, pushing it open.
Before her was a beautiful mirror, surrounded by the little flames.
Now, what could this be....

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