Halloween Event Book list and giveaway

Lovely wanderers,

As posted before I will be taking part in Death, Books and Tea Month Before Halloween Event.
My contribution will consist of drawings with Echo in the setting of Dutch children's horror books.

When I decided to sign up for the event the only thing I knew for sure was that I would be making drawings related to books.
I didn't know which ones, let alone what I would be making.
So, I went back to where it all started for me; reading and my fascination for dark things.

I am very lucky to have a mother (and late grandfather) who loves to read fantasy stories and passed on the passion for reading.
She'd take me and my sister to the library every week, where I discovered the awesome world of books (and the very unfortunate limit of 5 books at a time).
Our library was always well stocked and had plenty of fantasy, horror and science-fiction books for both adults and children.
Growing up I hardly ever read anything outside these themes, particularly books by a group of authors known together as "Het Griezelgenootschap" (or "The Horror Society"), who, for example, made story bundles to certain themes, such as the holidays or hobbies (as can be seen below).
These writers of course wrote books individually too, and the books I remember most fondly are in fact all written by members of this club.
Unfortunately they've since split up, leaving a rich and creepy legacy.

Another funny fact is that most of these books have been illustrated by the same person, Rick de Haas.
I'm a huge fan of his and he inspired me to start drawing myself.

I've read many books over the year and it was hard to pick.
Then, being Dutch I decided on only using books written by Dutch writers, and children's horror at that.
There are many great international writers out there that are very well known.
These stories are perhaps not so much, and I wish to share this piece of my childhood, that's left me so many good memories and got me started on the Dark Road.

It may not be for everyone, as it is intended for children after all and some books are mostly funny horrors (but let's not kid ourselves, we all are little children on the inside ;) ).

Another problem I faced picking out stories was whether I wanted to give you all a broad selection of writers to show you the diversity of this world or to choose whichever books I liked best.
As much as I'd love to share the work of each and every author I decided for the latter, so please excuse the limited amount of writers.

I do encourage you to research more titles and writers, Griezelnet being an excellent collection.

There was a series I wanted to depict, Eddy C. Bertin's books about a girl named Valentina, but unfortunately it has been many years since I read them and I don't have any copies now.

But, without further ado, these are the titles I've chosen to depict (though not necessarily in that order):

  • Bies van Ede - Achter donkere ramen (Behind dark windows)
  • Tais Teng - De trap naar de Nederzee (The stairs to the Nethersea)
  • Paul van Loon - De griezelbus II (The horror bus II)
  • Tais Teng - Gruwelgeintjes (Horror Jokes)
  • Paul Biegel - De zwarte weduwe (The black widow)
  • Paul van Loon - Nooit de buren bijten (Never bite the neighbours)
  • Bies van Ede - Een hart van suiker (A heart of sugar) 
  • Tais Teng - Langs de Duisterweg (Along the Road of Darkness)
  • Tais Teng - Verboden vingers te voeren (Forbidden to feed fingers)
I don't believe these books are available in other languages, I've just translated the titles myself and hence why I will be writing summaries for them.
Don't be discouraged though, I know that at least Tais Teng has had books translated in English (and he's my favourite author if you hadn't guessed yet).

So, for the entire month of October I will be posting drawings according to this subject.

I am also working on a giveaway, which will be open to international readers too.
I wanted the prize to be a book, but decided against it. I mean, how much fun is it to read a book in a language you don't understand?
But you know, since I'm sharing my Dutch heritage here, I might as well share another love of mine.

Lots of it.

In one of the books that will be featured, an old Dutch candy shop plays an important role.
This will also play an important role in the drawing, so I thought I would put together a goodie bag consisting of Dutch candy - mostly the old fashioned kind, as described in the book too.

You can sign up to the giveaway by leaving a comment with a way for me to contact you on this post (I will be placing reminders throughout October).
And if you like, tell us about your favourite childhood books and candy!

Signing up ends the 30th of October and the winner will be picked through a random generator.
He or she will be contacted the next day and the candy will be sent their way asap!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Ever wandering,


Gabriel said...

Can't wait to see those illustrations! Really wish October started tomorrow ;)
i usually read those Choose Your Own Adventure type of books, but always horror or sci-fi themed. Candy... i actually have a blog post on that, but i was more of a chocolate guy. i used to steal After Eights from where my mom worked.

Laury Coenen said...

I'm working ahead of schedule to get them done, they will be feature over at Death, Books and Tea but I'll post them here too.

I have read several Choose Your Own's, from the top of my head Beet van de demon (Bite of the demon) was one...

Candy, doesn't matter whether it's just sugar or chocolate, I'll eat all of it. Nom nom nom nom.
I was always so happy when going to the store with my mum and being offered a sweet by the saleslady.

Little Gothic Horrors said...

My mother used to take my sister and me to the library each week for books too! It's funny how we bloggers are all from far-flung locations around the world and yet we have shared experiences that unite us. :) Love the sound of "The Horror Society". What a cool concept and a wonderful way to get children reading. It's a shame they're not still around, but as you say, they've left quite a legacy.

Laury Coenen said...

Just shows we've all had awesome mums that taught us the good things in life :P

The members of the Horror Society have written many books individually, so, if you look at it, there's still well over a hundred books to read.
Enough to keep even us 'grown ups' busy for a while.

Gabriel said...

Hey Laury,
my email is: gabrielsigma01@gmail.com


Laury Coenen said...

Thank you :)

miki said...

Thank you a lot for thinking about international readers too... hum candy i love candies!
favorite one hard to say ( one that isn't done anymore in anis- there one simillar but teh taste is not the same) and some cherry strips i think^^

i would be happy to discover new ones


Laury Coenen said...

You're welcome :)
Cherry has always been a favourite flavour of mine but unfortunately it's not all that easy to get here in the UK.
There's more, like watermelon and grape, but I stocked up plenty on them during my trip to America :)