Théâtre d'ombres

Echo will be taking a bit of a break as I'm travelling to see family the next three weeks.
In short, this means there will be one post a week only (I'll try to do more but I'll have less time for drawing).

And of course working hard to get my October work done, can't wait!

Ever wandering,


Gabriel said...

i'm not sure if once a week is enough to get my Echo fill ;)
Nice and spooky puppet show.

Laury Coenen said...

Haha, thanks :)

I've been working on the October event as I need to hand that in at the end of September, so I haven't got enough 'regular' drawings at the moment to fill up the posts, unfortunate as it is.

The Halloween Event will be awesome and worth it though, I promise :D

Gabriel said...

Cool! Really looking forward to it.