De Griezelbus II - The Horror Bus II

De Poppendokter (The Doll doctor - story from the book)

A young boy takes his little sister Nele to see a doll doctor, as her beloved teddy bear needs fixing.
The man gives him the creeps but when they come to pick up the toy it looks better than ever.
And not just that, the doll doctor has fixed it for free, stating that making children happy is much more important than money.
Nele is delighted.

Not long after though, she becomes very ill.
She keeps her teddy close at hand for comfort, but it's as though the life is being sucked out of her...

De Griezelbus II
Paul van Loon 

Four children sneak into an old junkyard at night.
When they get caught in a bad storm they take shelter in an old bus.
When the bus is hit by lightning the lighting of the bus and the radio are turned on.
A strange program, called 'The Horror bus' is broadcast and presented by a man who calls himself P. Onnoval.
In between weird commercials, he tells them scary stories.
At first, the children are amused.
But when they start to suspect Onnoval can hear everything they say and that they can't escape the bus (are those really just guard dogs out there, or wolves?), things take a turn for the worst.
When Onnoval has finished his stories, a skeleton gets on the bus and drives off with the children.
It picks up more creeps on the way, creatures that somehow seem strangely familiar...
Eventually they stop at a graveyard, and the children are pushed towards one of the graves.
A vampire rises from it and introduces himself as P. Onnoval.
As he's about to bite them, one of the children produces a book they found in the bus.
Onnoval explains that the book is very dear to him, but before he can do anything the child sets the book on fire.
As the book goes up in flames, the strange creatures fade away and the vampire seemingly dies...


Gabriel said...

This is probably my favorite illustration of yours since you began the Halloween theme. The dolls are pretty wicked, there's even an Echo version :)
The teddy bear is great too. When i was a kid i had this wish of having a giant teddy bear that i could ride. This one's about the right size, but would probably bite my head off.

Laury Coenen said...

When I was little my parents had a huge round basket chair with a teddy bear that fit in it.
They loved putting me and my cousin in it, two little babies drowning in between the chair and bear.
The chair is long gone but they still have the teddy for whenever they become grandparents.

I thought this story was appropriate since it reminded me of that old bear...