Langs de Duisterweg - Along the Road of Darkness

That educational school trips can be a complete bore is well known amongst students, and the children of the Horror class are no different.
When teacher Rudolf takes the kids on an informative bus trip to a nature reserve, they use a spell from an ancient sword that takes the bus (and its contents) to the Road of Darkness.
Asphalt? Forget about it, they use bones and skulls here!

When they eventually arrive at the 'reserve', nothing seems out of the ordinary at first.
Except of course, the basilisks that turn one of the kids to stone, the Nergal that has pointy wooden teeth and sunlight eyes to help catch his vampire prey, the giant flesh eating tree, a suit of armor with a will of its own and the fact that Rudolf seems to be under a spell that makes him oblivious to any danger.
Not to mention that the woodward is truly a Klipkolifaas, a bird of fables that will grant you one wish provided you can resist his tricks and catch him.
And even if you can beat all that, how on earth do you get back home?

Tais Teng
Langs de Duisterweg

Langs de Duisterweg is part of a series about De Griezelklas (The Horrorclass).
Meral, a young witch, is the main character.
Besides her boyfriend, who's a werewolf, the class consists of a dwarf, leprechaun, two vampires, a kelpie, tree nimph, mummy and a very unlucky teacher, mister Rudolf.
After 666 solicitations he still hadn't found a job and decided to be retrained into a teacher for ZBK (Zeer Bijzondere Kinderen - Very Special Children).
It's a step he still regrets.


Gabriel said...

Nothing like some magic to make a boring school trip into an adventure of epic proportions. Wish it were that easy on this side of reality :)
Love that tree.

Laury Coenen said...

Oh, the fun one could have...
By the way, I'm pretty sure that tree would love you too, but not in quite the same way!

Gabriel said...

It's great to be loved ;)

David said...

Lol at my friend Gabriel, another great artist.

That tree reminds me of a tangle tree (of Piers Anthony fame), it wants to grab Echo and tangle her up. You were right to say I would like her expression in this one. She is so cool!

Laury Coenen said...

The tree has a raven that imitates the call of a child in distress to lead victims to the clearing where it stands.
Upon arrival the unlucky person shall be properly introduced to Antropofagus, who has lived for over 5 centuries, drinking the blood and marrow of whomever is foolish enough to follow the bird.

Not that Echo cares, she'll make firewood out of anything (whether it willingly burns or not...)