Nooit de buren bijten - Never bite the neighbours

The family Rip are an odd bunch.
The curtains are always shut and mother Rip never visits her neighbours.
Of course, the neighbours don't know that she's been dead for 150 years.
Her daughter, Lea, is the ghost of a beheaded princess and her sons, Ernst and Jimi, are a vampire with a passion for classical music and a werewolf whose biggest ambition is to play in the Rolling Stone.
Uncle Angus is a walking skeleton and grandma is a mummy who hardly ever wakes up.

Everywhere they go they've been chased out of their house.
So now, mother Rip presses her children to be 'nice to the neighbours'.
All seems well, but there is one man, mister Knieper, who is set to get rid of the family.
He starts a plan called 'Rip Rot Op' (Rip Go Away), but whether that was such a good idea...

Nooit de buren bijten
Paul van Loon


Mrs. Katie said...

This sounds awesome! I want to read it. And I love your version of the RIP family :)

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you :)
They actually labelled this one as a grumor book (a mix of humor and griezelen, the Dutch word for horror).

Gabriel said...

Sounds like a 'lovely' family. It would be difficult to pick a favorite, your rendition makes them all look pretty cool, but that awesome guitar certainly gives the werewolf an edge. Great work.

Laury Coenen said...

Thanks :)
I always liked Jimi (the werewolf) best too, he's a bugger and loves to play his music so loud that the ceiling comes down.

David said...

I love the look on Echo's face in that one. She's such a badass. :)

Laury Coenen said...

Wait 'til you see the smirk she wears in tomorrow's post ;)