Pan, Lord of the Forests


Gabriel said...

Really epic, Laury!
I love the size of Pan and all the little details, especially the thorns along his arms and hands are awesome.
It's like he's protecting Echo. That's one mighty friend.

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you!
I'm very pleased with all the details, they give him so much more character.
I think this is one of my favourites yet.

octa said...

Like Gabriel says, it looks, like Pan will protect Echo. Very good drawing! I Like it. ;o)

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Pan is awesome, Laury!

Laury Coenen said...

Thank you guys :)

Pan was always one of my favourite 'gods' and he appears in a few of my favourite books as well.

David said...

This reminds me of why he is the origin of the word panic. Great drawing!