Sethurion in colore


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I see you're shaking things up with a bit of colour. I love black and white, but it's nice to mix things up with some beautiful, vibrant colour. Your picture jumped right out of the blog roll at me. :D

Laury Coenen said...

I love black and white too, but you can only express so much with it.
I thought it was time to paint how I see my characters, also to improve on painting.

And dear Seth here, being a demon and all, deserves nothing but the brightest red :D

Gabriel said...

He does deserve the bright red, but what catches my eye the most is his white hat and jacket (the contrast, i guess).
Seth's got that kind of cocky style that would irritate me if he was a real person, but since he's a demon, it looks really good on him.

Laury Coenen said...

I am very pleased with how Seth turned out, exactly because his clothes turned out so well.

I'd probably want to kick his ass if I met him in real life.
He's a sneak.