Oh dear...

It's the second of November now.
My printer is still not working.
There was no Halloween post.
The final drawing probably won't be posted until next week.

Odi is not impressed.


Oh well, time for the giveaway I guess, with a whopping 3 contestants :P

1. David
2. Octapolis
3. Little Gothic Horrors

Congratulations David, you win a box full of creepy English cakes and candy and two Halloween themed bath bombs from Lush, plus a drawing of your choice in a nice black frame!

Please get in contact with me at freakanzoy@hotmail.com for address details and of course the drawing you've chosen :)

1 comment:

David said...

I remember being quite disappointed last year not winning, so this is great! The odds were good, and I find that unfortunate in a way. Your work with Echo is a labor of love that I really appreciate! This place makes me feel good no matter the shitty day I've had. How to get more viewers here? Try posting onto Reddit's r/drawing. They love my piano music over on r/piano at least!

Anyhow, sending my address...