Misery Loves Company

My scanning woes continue, so this might be the last post for a bit.


David said...

I can't get into my email box right now so I'll answer here:

The package arrived safe and sound! The drawing is in perfect condition and just required a minor adjustment to fit back into the frame. Strange to see the back side to one of you works, lol! I LOVE IT!!!! It will end up being mounted on the wall above my piano, but right now it is on my desk to look at every once and a while. My room smells good - cand wait to try out the soaps, and I'm eating gummy bears as I type this. :)

I hope that you are doing ok and thanks for the new drawing here even though things are still busy and on the fritz.

Laury Coenen said...

I'm so glad you like it!
And also happy that customs didn't mess things up again :)
I'm slowly working on completing some more drawings so hopefully I'll have something up in a bit, thanks for visiting so often ^_^

David said...

Ha! Well you got me for as long as both of us are around, however long that may be. Hope school is going well and all that! Happy Thanksgiving from North Dakota!

David said...

Missing you and Echo. Hope everything is well.