A quiet return

It's been a crazy year. The last time I posted on here I was having troubles with my scanner. I didn't mean to stop posting at all actually, even though my scanner was eventually fixed.
However, life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works at unexpected moments. For me, that spanner came in the form of full-time education and a near enough full-time job, which took up between 48 and 55 hours a week as well as my household, cat and hubby, so drawing (and even just coming to the blog) was slowly pushed out by all my other commitments.

But I'm back.
I'm very happy and proud to say I'm now a qualified beauty therapist and going for my level 3 in September. I've taken a cut in hours at work as well so I'm less busy and will be so even when I start my studies again.
I'm probably not going to be posting weekly as I was before. At one point I was cranking out so many drawings that it almost became a job in itself and that was not the point of why I started this blog.
But, I will be posting again, I've missed drawing and Echo's little weird world.

To my fellow bloggers, I'm sorry I haven't been around to comment and keep up with you! I will be visiting soon :)

Ever wandering,

P.S: And because I couldn't resist, here's a picture of Zephyr(us), a little lilac tabby who will be Odi's new brother in a couple of months!


David said...

Good to have you back, and with a new little one. What a cutey!

Octapolis said...

welcome back! ;o)